A Potential Solution to Hernias

Are you suffering from back pain and/or hernias? Have you tried health treatment plans in the past, but haven’t found a solution? The specialists at Clinica Pastor can help, as we utilize the power of Accu-SPINA IDD therapy.

What is Accu-SPINA IDD Therapy?

Simply put, it’s the most advanced technology for spinal hernia treatment. Technological evolution has spurred great advances in computerized physical therapy for the lumbar spine. The Accu-SPINA machine is the most modern equipment made today for IDD therapy, offering innovative treatment and the ability to treat the lumbar spine with computerized physical therapy, thus permitting its application with comfort and precision.

Mechanical Traction
Mechanical Traction

Our Success Rate

Approximately 85–92% of patients treated for lumbar pain report complete improvement, according to several pain scale-based reports. The long-term effectiveness of IDD therapy treatment has been reported at 89%. We treat common illnesses that include:

  • Hernias
  • Deteriorated disks
  • Sciatica
  • Lumbar or cervical pain
Intervertebral Decompression Therapy

Our Goals

At Clinica Pastor, our goal is to improve your health and rehabilitate affected intervertebral disks. We do this by rehabilitating the supporting muscles and ligaments surrounding the affected area.

By beginning the intervertebral disk regeneration process, we release the pressure on disks themselves. This realigns the vertebral column structures, thus realigning existing pain-causing pressure on nerve structures.